September Meeting – Update

                   Note:  October Meeting Rescheduled to 10/10

After the summer break, chapter meetings resumed on 9/12, the second Monday of the month in September, rather than the first.  And in October, we also will meet on the second Monday, 10/10, because the first Monday falls on Rosh Hashanah this year.

The meeting was in round table format, and covered a wide range of topics:

  • We had special guests Mary Finamore and Jackie Gallagher, and we spent some time in appreciation of Tony Finamore, who was a member of  our group for an all too brief time.
  •  We elected Andy Walker, an accomplished painter, sculptor, photographer and teacher as vice-president.
  • A variety of outreach possibilities were discussed, as well up possible meeting topics, such as:
    •  The third CI provider (we’ve heard from two in the past year)
    •  Captioning services.
    •  A presentation on the biology of aging.
    •  An outing to a local theater with hearing assistance. e.g.  Town and Country Players
    •  Interaction with public services, e.g. with law enforcement if hearing impaired
  •  Other discussion topics included:
    •  The convention in DC; progress and products for hearing loss.
    •  The Yellow Dot program, which can alert emergency personnel that a passenger or driver is in some way disabled.  Details  HERE
    •  The 2016 Walk4Hearing on October 9 at The Navy Yard.  Patty Cortez is leading the MontCo team. Volunteers are needed to help in a variety of ways on that date.
      You can sign up to help HERE

 Note:  October Meeting Rescheduled to 10/10.  

The meeting will be an “ALD Workshop”, a hands-on show-and-tell session on a variety of devices, such as the Pocketalker, ClearSounds Quattro, the Resound Minimike, the Roger Pen, a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver pair, and a variety of FM  and IR systems, even TV-Ears.  Bring your favorite device and show it off.

We’ll also have an update from Diana Bender about programs and activities a the national office of HLAA



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Picnic Recap

The weather was warm, but the breeze was persistent  Twenty six HLAA members, family and friends enjoyed the afternoon at Fort Washington State Park.  Four area chapters were represented, and potluck dining worked out nicely.


Photo: DEG

The MontCo chapter does not meet in August.  Our next meeting will be on September 12, the first Monday being otherwise committed.  Watch this site for details.


Photo: AW

 Photo:  AW

Photo: AW


Photo: KH

Photo:  K.H.

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2016 HLAA Picnic

Once again, MontCo HLAA invites area HLAA members, family and friends to a picnic at  Fort Washington State Park  this year on Sunday July 17.  This is a great spot, a mile or so from the Fort Washington exit of the turnpike.  We’ll be in the Militia Hill Day Use area, just off Joshua Road at the MHL-3 Pavilion. This is a short distance from the MHL-1 paviliion where we met last year, and is adjacent to a nice playground and restroom facility.  We’ll set the time as 1 to 5 p.m.

Fort Washington State Park - MHL-3 Pavilion

Fort Washington State Park – MHL-3 Pavilion

MHL-3 is not far from the FWSP gate on Joshua Road. There is also an entrance on Militia Hill Road.  It’s about a mile from the intersection of PA73 and PA309.  It’s also about a mile for the SEPTA Fort Washington station, with hourly service to Philadelphia.

Here’s a park map with MHL-3 indicated. You can Google these coordinates
40.117212 N, 75.229444 W  to get a Google map to the location.

This will be an agenda-free social event, with food on a potluck basis.

We will provide:
Name Tags
Picnic ware – plates, utensils, napkins, etc.

However, we will not provide any:
Food – it’s potluck.
Games or entertainment, but the playground is close by
Door prizes
Charge for attendance
Insect repellent



We’d like to have some idea of how many people might come.  The  pavilion has a seating capacity of 100.  If possible, please let Patty Cortez know if you plan to attend.

Potluck 101:  Bring a food item for 6-8 people.  If possible, please let Diana Bender know what you are bringing.

MHL-3 is fully wheelchair-accessible, but there is no hearing assistance system!

With questions, or for more detail call or text 215-272-4450, or e-mail

We’ll cancel only for extreme weather.  Any change will be posted here on


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June Meeting – Update

Bill Best spoke about recent developments in Hearing Assistance Technology.  He participated in a recent update program at the national office of HLAA.  The presentation included a number of product samples, and a wide range of supporting literature was available.

The group numbered 19.

His presentation was based in part on the results of on online survey, a Google Fom, prepared for this meeting.  There were 14 responses.

Bill Best Talks Technology

Bill Best Talks Technology

CART transcript available on request to hlaamcc(at)  (at => @)

Upcoming Events:

  • National HLAA Convention June 23 – 26 in Washington DC.  Several members will attend.
  • HLAA picnic at Fort Washington State Park, July 17.  Area HLAA members, families, and friends are invited.
  • Walk4Hearing October 9 at the Navy Yard




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NIHL Information Sheet

Dr.Emilio Cortez, winner of the Marcia Finisdore HLAA-PA Advocacy Award has prepared a valuable information sheet about Noise Induced Hearing Loss, the basis of the award. You can find this sheet   HERE

rev 9/16

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Picnic! – July 17

Save the date –  July 17

MontCo HLAA invites HLAA members, families and friends to a picnic at Fort Washington State Park.  A beautiful spot and not hard to get to.  This year we’ll be at the new MHL-3 Pavilion, adjacent to a fine playground.

Sunday, July 17, from 1 to 5

Watch here for further details.

Park map showing location HERE.

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May Meeting – Community Connections – Update

Turea Hutson spoke about the Community Connections  program in Montgomery County, and the role of the “Navicate”. She is the program’s manager.

Turea Hutson at MontCo on May 2

Community Connections is an innovative approach to provide services to people who need them most, where they need them most—in their community. Community Connections offices are one-stop service centers in an initial four locations around Montgomery County—Willow Grove, Pottstown, Lansdale and Norristown.

The meeting served two purposes; introduction of Community Connections to MontCo HLAA, and introduction of MontCo HLAA to Community Connections, and there was extended discussion of how our group might be of service to their function.

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