November Meeting – Over the Counter Hearing Aids

Diana  Bender agave a thorough exposition of  Over The Counter Hearing Aids, the current status and prognosis for them. A lengthy discussion ensued amont the  19 attendees.CART transcript is available on request to

The chapter budget for the year was approved.

Dues for the year are payable, $10 individual, $15 couple.

The December 4 meeting will be the traditional holiday party.  Further details on

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October Meeting – Hamilton Captel – Recap

Cheryl Deitz, Hamilton Captel Outreach Coordinator  spoke to 10 attendees at our October 2 meeting. She discussed the history of Relay Service, and had demo models of several phones.  One model has Bluetooth capability, which is almost universal in cell phones, but rare in landline phones.

She also discussed captioning for smartphones, PC, laptops or tablets.

One topic that was unfamiliar to most of us was Speech-to-Speech, an interpreting service for those with speech disability.  A Communication Assistant specially trained in understanding those with a speech disability repeats the caller’s words to the party being called.  This is typically a stroke or cerebral palsy victim, but may also be useful to those whose speech disability is a consequence of prelingual hearing loss.

The CART transcript is available on request to hlaamcc(at)gmail(dot)com

At our November 6 meeting, Diana Bender will speak about OTCHA – Over the Counter Hearing Aids.  More details later on this site


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September 2017 Meeting – Update

The chapter started the new year with 10 attendees in a round table format.  There were many items on the agenda:

  • Officers:  Don Groff will serve a third year as President  Andy Walker will continue as Vice-President, and Elaine Goldberg as Treasurer.
  • A budget for the year will be prepared and presented at the October meeting.
  • UPTOWN West Chester:  We hope to be able to experience the loop system with an upcoming theater performance.
  • Town and Country Players:  theater in Lahaska has a loop system – a possible group outing
  • CART:  discussed cost versus benefit
  • Walk4Hearing:  October 22 at the Navy Yard.
  • HLAA Picnic:  possible alternatives  for this event.
  • Lunch & Learn: to become a bi-annual event, and will not occur in 2018.
  • Farm Show:  past and future participation by MontCo
  • Meeting Times:  Is the first Monday of the month the best choice?  Should there be refreshments?
  • Convention Scholarship:  The awardee of the Finamore Memorial has not provided a report on her attendance to the HLAA convention in Salt Lake City.
  • On October 2, Cheryl Deitz will speak about Hamilton Captel, an update on the service that many of us are very familiar with.

On November, 6, Diana Bender will talk about the status of Over The Counter Hearing Aids

Our traditional Holiday party will be December 4.

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2017 HLAA-PA Picnic : Update

The weather was close to picnic-perfect for this event, and there were 22 attendees.  Most were from the MontCo chapter, but we were happy to welcome a few people from other chapters. There was plenty to eat and drink.

A few photos from the afternoon:

Picnic Attendees



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2017 HLAA-PA Picnic

Once again MontCo HLAA invites area HLAA members, family and friends to a picnic at  Fort Washington State Park  this year on Sunday July 16.  This is a great spot, a mile or so from the Fort Washington exit of the turnpike.  We’ll be in the Militia Hill Day Use area, just off Joshua Road at the MHL-3 Pavilion. This is adjacent to a nice playground and restroom facility.  We’ll set the time as 1 to 5 p.m.

Fort Washington State Park - MHL-3 Pavilion

Fort Washington State Park – MHL-3 Pavilion

MHL-3 is not far from the FWSP gate on Joshua Road. There is also an entrance on Militia Hill Road.  It’s about a mile from the intersection of PA73 and PA309.  It’s also about a mile for the SEPTA Fort Washington station, with hourly service to Philadelphia, and we could arrange a shuttle.

Here’s a park map with MHL-3 indicated. You can Google these coordinates
40.117212 N, 75.229444 W  to get a Google map to the location.

This will be an agenda-free social event, with food on a potluck basis.

We will provide:
Name Tags
Picnic ware – plates, utensils, napkins, etc.

However, we will not provide any:
Food – it’s potluck. (bring serving utensils, if needed)
Games or entertainment, but the playground is close by
Door prizes
Charge for attendance
Insect repellent



We’d like to have some idea of how many people might come.  The  pavilion has a seating capacity of 100.  If possible, please let Patty Cortez know if you plan to attend.

Potluck 101:  Bring a food item for 6-8 people.  If possible, please let Diana Bender know what you are bringing.

You can also e-mail

MHL-3 is fully wheelchair-accessible, but there is no hearing assistance system!

With questions, or for more detail call or text 215-272-4450, or e-mail

We’ll cancel only for extreme weather.  Any change will be posted here on


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June Meeting – Emergency Preparedness – Recap


Tim Elbertson

Tim Elbertson, Community Outreach Coordinator of the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety spoke to the chapter about dealing with a wide variety of emergency situations.

Montgomery County’s 911 office handles 900,000 calls a year, and now can handle text messages to 911.  A majority of calls now come from mobile phones, and Tim described the challenges this provides for the service, and offered advice on 911 use.   The county will soon introduce,  which greatly adds to the information available to the 911 dispatcher.  You can sign up and create a profile in advance of the rollout of the system

The county offers emergency alerts in multiple formation by the ReadyMontco system.  Sign up for it HERE

Tim also emphasized preparedness, and offered information about what should be in an emergency kit.

The CART transcript is available on request to

HLAA Picnic on July 16 at Fort Washington State Park — save the date and watch for details here.

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May Meeting – Biogerontology – Recap

Glenda Bilder spoke about biogerontology,  Dr. Bilder teaches a course on The Biology of

Dr. Bilder

Aging. at Gwynedd Mercy University, and has written a textbook on the topic.  Topics included:

  • Fundamental understanding of why and how we age.
  • What can be done to minimize its effects.
  • The potential of caloric restriction (CR).

Dr. Bilder received a  PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Pennsylvania, and has published widely.  She conducted pharmaceutical research for GlaxoSmithKline, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer and other organizations. .  Her text  “Human Biological Aging:  From Macromolecules to Organ Systems”   John Wiley & Sons  was published in 2016.

The audience

Though not specifically about hearing loss. we are well aware of its association with the aging process.

Our next meeting, on June 5, will feature Tim Elbertson, Community Outreach Coordinator, Montgomery County Department of Public Safety

He will speak about emergency preparedness, including the Smart  911 system.
Further details here closer to the date.

Read the full presentation abstract of Dr. Bilder’s presentation:

Continue reading

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