HLAA Picnic

Once again MONTCO HLAA invites HLAA members, families and friends to a picnic at Fort Washington State Park on Sunday July 14, 2019. This is our fifth time at this great spot, just about a mile from the Fort Washington exit of the turnpike. We’ll be in the Militia Hill area, just off Joshua Road at the MHL-3 Pavilion. This is adjacent to a nice playground and restroom facility. The picnic will be held rain or shine from 1 to 5 p.m.

MHL-3 is not far from the FWSP gate on Joshua Road. There is also an entrance on Militia Hill Road. It’s about a mile from the intersection of PA73 and PA309.
You can click on these Google coordinates
40.117212 N, 75.229444 W to get a Google map to the location.
This will be an agenda-free social event, with food on a potluck basis.
We will provide:

  • Name Tags
  • Water
  • Picnic ware – plates, utensils, napkins, etc.

However, we will not provide any:

  • Food – it’s potluck. (bring serving utensils, if needed)
  • Games or entertainment, but the playground is close by
  • Door prizes
  • Speeches
  • Charge for attendance
  • Insect repellent

We’d like to have some idea of how many people might come. The pavilion has a seating capacity of 80. If possible, please let Patty Cortez (pattypeep( at )gmail.com) know if you plan to attend.

Potluck 101: Bring a food item for 6-8 people. If possible, please let Diana Bender (DandRBender( at )aol.com) know what you are bringing.

If you would like to join the picnic committee and offer to help, please contact Kathy Harral (k.harral( at )verizon.net).

We’ll cancel only for extreme weather. Any change will be posted here on hlaamcc.org.
Hope to see you there!!

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June Meeting

At our June 3 meeting we discussed the creation of a Mission Statement.  Members offered a wide variety of ideas and concepts that will be distilled into a formal statement, to be approved at a later meeting.

The chapter approved a contribution  (“scholarship”) of $1,500 to the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit, to be used for the purchase of ‘loaner’ hearing aids for their students.

On July 14, the MontCo chapter will again host a picnic at Fort Washington State Park for HLAA families and friends in the area.

Further details here closer to the date.

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May Meeting — The Current Status of Hair Cell Regeneration–

At our May 6 meeting, MontCo member Jim Saunders spoke about  hair cell regeneration in the cochlea. . Dr. Saunders has spent years researching the topic and always creates stimulating presentations.Dr. Saundders

He reviewed the essential processes of hearing, and the history of attempts to reverse hearing loss.

Dr. Saunders’ summary:

In the late 1980’s it was reported that the inner ear of the chick was capable of regenerating new hair cells, replacing those lost to various forms of ototrauma. Subsequent research showed that the new hair cells restored hearing to near normal capacity.  Hair cell regeneration does not occur in the cochlea of mammals, and the question of whether or not this process could be induced in the mammalian inner ear has been

A CART transcript of the the meeting is available on request to hlaamcc(at)gmail.com

Andy WalkerOur June 3 meeting will be a discussion of chapter functions, especially the propose scholarship support for the MCIU.

Please join us for this important discussion.



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April 1 Meeting – Innocaption

InnoCaption is a free mobile caption service for deaf and hard of hearing people or anyone with hearing loss that runs on mobile devices such as smartphones.

Matheus Goncalves , InnoCaption  Marketing Director, will describe the system in detail.

There will be a brief business meeting.

As always, visitors are welcome.

At the Jeanes Library, 4051 Joshua Road, Lafayette Hill, PA 19444

5:30 p.m

April 1, 2019

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March 4 Meeting – Update

In spite of Winter Storm Scott, several dozen members and visitors heard MontCo Chris Doigmember Chris Doig discuss smartphone and tablet apps of interest to the hearing loss community..  She is a graduate of the N-CHATT program run by the HLAA national office, and will explain the nature of that program.

After a general presentation, members worked in small groups to explore examples of these software offerings, with varying degrees of success.

Please find Chris Doig’s listing of useful smartphone and tablet apps here:   UsingApps-1

AudienceTech Notes:
I dug out some details about Tunity, after some mystery about how it works:
Tunity depends on an internet connection, either WiFi or cellular data.  In effect, it’s like using your phone to call the TV station and receiving the audio that way..  The question is “Who you gonna call?”, and that’s where the phone’s camera has to identify the station by pattern recognition.  That is the “scan” step, which some have found troublesome. Apparently a TV that is always tuned to a certain channel can be provided with a scannable QR or bar code to identify it.  The ultimate would be to have the audio piped into speech-to-text app, but will have to wait.
I got Tunity to work without much difficulty, but couldn’t get the sound to sync anywhere close to correct.
A note about terminology:
The word “app” is short for “application”, which in computerese means software that does something useful on your computer, like writing letters, displaying pictures, browsing the internet etc. For the most part, the term “app” has come to mean an “application”  that runs on a tablet or smartphone, generally by themselves, without going through a browser, e.g.  Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc.  Some applications have app versions, and some do not.  The discussion included captionfish.com and aldlocator.com, which don’t have app versions, as far as I know, but can be run on a smartphone or tablet, through a browser.  The “app” makes it simpler.

–Don Groff


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February 4 Meeting – Recap

Cheryl Deitz, Outreach Coordinator for Pennsylvania Captioned Telephone Relay Services (Hamilton Relay) discussed the many services provided by Pennsylvania Relay, many of which go well beyond the familiar captioned telephone service used by many of the group

Cheryl Deitz at MontCo HLAA

There 22 in attendance, inducing a number of first-time visitors.

Hamilton Relay provides traditional relay services for Pennsylvania including

  • TTY,
  • Voice Carry Over (VCO)
  • Hearing Carry Over (HCO)
  • Speech-to-Speech (STS)
  • Spanish-to-Spanish
  • CapTel®.

You can find more details about these services at PARelay.net

Cheryl suggested a YouTube video that illustrates the Speech to Speech function.

For our March 4 meeting, MontCo member Chris Doig will speak about new developments in remote microphone technology.

Please join us. As always, visitors are welcome.

At the Jeanes Library, 4051 Joshua Road, Lafayette Hill, PA 19444, 5:30 p.m., March 4, 2019




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December Meeting – Party – Update

There were 20 in attendance at the party, including a few visitors.  Members contributed a variety of food and drink.

Chris Doig demonstrated a Roger Pen system to a number of members

HLAAMCC does not meet in January.  Our next meeting will be on February 4, 2019, at which time Jim Saunders will speak on research into hearing restoration.

Further details here closer to that date.

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November 5 Meeting – Resound

Michael Hahn, Regional Sales Manager for GN Resound will speak about advances in hearing aid technology.  He will be discussing Resound products, and how to get the most out of them and their accompanying apps, including wireless technology.

There will be a brief business meeting to approve a budget for the year and update the standing rules for the chapter.

As always, visitors are welcome.

At the Jeanes Library, 4051 Joshua Road, Lafayette Hill, PA 19444

5:30 p.m

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October Meeting – Recap

Our October 1 meeting was a discussion of the last year and plans for the coming year.  A wide range of topics was discussed by the 13 attendees.

Elected New Officers:

  • Andy Walker, President,
  • Chris Doig,  Vice-President
  • Cathie Harvey,  Treasurer
  • Kathy Harral, Secretary

Hearing assistance at area theaters was a major topic.

Many members will participate in the Walk4Hearing on October 21 at the Navy Yard.

Several members described their experiences at the HLAA convention in Minneapolis

The HLAA-PA booth at the Farm Show in January 2019 always welcomes help, and some MontCo members have participated in recent years.

For our November meeting, Michael Hahn, Regional Sales Manager for GN Resound will speak about advances in hearing aid technology.  Further details here closer to the date.
Novemer 5 , 2018 at 5:30

Jeanes Library
4051 Joshua Road
Lafayette Hil, PA 19444

Our December 3 meeting will be the traditional holiday party.

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September Meeting Cancelled

MontCo HLAA will not meet in September. Our normal September meeting date, the second (rather than the first) Monday falls in Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

The following Monday is not available because of the book sale at Jeanes Library, and the following Monday is just one week before our October 1 meeting.

Election of new officers will take place at that October 1 meeting. Other details closer to the date.

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