2011 Farm Show

The state chapter of HLA again had a booth at the Farm Show in Harrisburg. This year several audio-visual features were added.

  • The new DVD produced by the national HLAA , “Learn About Hearing Loss”, was running continuously on a laptop computer provided by Steve Schultz, President of the Capital Region Chapter, who organized and managed the entire week-long operation.
  • I installed an induction loop in the booth, which served both to demonstrate the loop function to visitors, and to help booth staff hear visitors in that noisy environment
  • For those without T-coil equipped hearing aids, or no hearing aids at all, an induction loop receiver with headphones was available.
  • Winter weather challenges for the Farm Show are the norm, and this year was no exception, but crowds were large, and it was generally agreed that the HLA booth was a valuable effort.

Don Groff

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