October Meeting – Cochlear Americas – Update

Alison Mendez, Engagement Manager- New York for Cochlear Americas spoke at our October 5 meeting. She is  a teacher of the deaf by certification, and has worked with Cochlear for 5 years.

Alison described  the Cochlear N6 cochlear implant,  and related wireless technology, and Cochlear resources available to recipients.  She also described the BAHA device, and  the latest developments in hybrid CI technology.

The discussion ranged widely, and attendees brought many questions.  Some examples:

  • Eligibility for a cochlear implant.
  • Performance relative to a hearing aid.
  • Resources available for new users
  • Backward compatibility
  • Reliability records
  • Future developments

Technical difficulties prevented the CART system from working, and no transcript is available.

For our November 2 meeting,  Gail Brenner, Au.D, a specialist in tinnitus and sound sensitivity will speak.  Many of us have to deal with what we do hear as well as what we don’t hear, and Dr. Brenner  has extensive experience in dealing with tinnitus.

Our meeting room has a hearing loop, and CART will be provided.  The meeting time is 6:00 to 7:45.

As always, visitors are welcome.

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