March 4 Meeting – Update

In spite of Winter Storm Scott, several dozen members and visitors heard MontCo Chris Doigmember Chris Doig discuss smartphone and tablet apps of interest to the hearing loss community..  She is a graduate of the N-CHATT program run by the HLAA national office, and will explain the nature of that program.

After a general presentation, members worked in small groups to explore examples of these software offerings, with varying degrees of success.

Please find Chris Doig’s listing of useful smartphone and tablet apps here:   UsingApps-1

AudienceTech Notes:
I dug out some details about Tunity, after some mystery about how it works:
Tunity depends on an internet connection, either WiFi or cellular data.  In effect, it’s like using your phone to call the TV station and receiving the audio that way..  The question is “Who you gonna call?”, and that’s where the phone’s camera has to identify the station by pattern recognition.  That is the “scan” step, which some have found troublesome. Apparently a TV that is always tuned to a certain channel can be provided with a scannable QR or bar code to identify it.  The ultimate would be to have the audio piped into speech-to-text app, but will have to wait.
I got Tunity to work without much difficulty, but couldn’t get the sound to sync anywhere close to correct.
A note about terminology:
The word “app” is short for “application”, which in computerese means software that does something useful on your computer, like writing letters, displaying pictures, browsing the internet etc. For the most part, the term “app” has come to mean an “application”  that runs on a tablet or smartphone, generally by themselves, without going through a browser, e.g.  Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc.  Some applications have app versions, and some do not.  The discussion included and, which don’t have app versions, as far as I know, but can be run on a smartphone or tablet, through a browser.  The “app” makes it simpler.

–Don Groff


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