The Great Courses

I just ordered another DVD course from The Great Courses . We’ve been through a number of their offerings, and have found them to be of high quality, and well worth the $75 or so that they cost, at least when they are discounted 70% from list price, which happens regularly.
With one major reservation; apparently none of their offerings is captioned. I would judge that a significant fraction of their market is like me, hard of hearing, and would greatly benefit from captioning.
In an e-mail exchange with the publisher some time ago I raised this issue. Their response I would call pretty lame; “Spend another $25 to buy the transcript of the course”. They would have me follow the text in my lap, glancing up occasionally to see the finely crafted video presentation.
The publisher claimed that they don’t get many complaints about the lack of captioning. I hope that this posting may lead potential customers to weigh in on the matter.

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3 Responses to The Great Courses

  1. Patricia Cortez says:

    You would think the DVDs would have captioning. The Great Courses DVDs are not exactly the 20 dollar variety. They are educational and informative in nature.

    • Matt Kai says:

      The Great Courses are obviously not being run well. Online courses, TED videos, etc. all have subtitles (of multiple languages, as a matter of fact) nowadays. Just think about how much international sales you could have had. You SHOULD have subtitles exactly because you are educational and informative in nature!

  2. sdsadf says:

    I agree with you.It’s a little difficult to learn without caption.Oh by the way, i am chinese.

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