November Meeting – Oticon – Debra Winters – Mark Weinstein

CART transcript available on request from don(at)groffiti(dot)com

HLAA, nee SHHH celebrates its 35th anniversary this year.  Diana Bender described how this is being celebrated, and gave us a brief biography of SHHH founder Howard “Rocky” Stone.  His CIA career was the stuff of legend, and as the founder of SHHH was a major factor in raising  hearing loss into a topic of national concern.

Audiologist Mark Weinstein, BC-HIS spoke about new directions hearing aid manufacturers are moving in, and descriged how  the audiologist decides what aids to recommend and to try for different patients.

Oticon representative Debra A Winters, Au.D, FAAA spoke about research at Oticon into “brain hearing”,  with the goal  of enabling  it to better understand what it hears.

A lively discussion followed their presentations.DSCN1556 DSCN1553











Our December meeting will be a birthday party, with a cake  to celebrate HLAA at 35, as well as other holiday delicacies.

Please join us.





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