March Meeting – Doug Lynch – Advanced Bionics – Update

Doug Lynch, of Advanced Bionics talked about dealing with hearing loss in basic terms, without limiting the scope to CI’s in general or AB in particular.  The group number about 20.

  •   Rehabilitation – work that pays off
  •   Plasticity of the brain: Why time is always on the side of a people with hearing loss
  •   Communication is a two way street: Responsibilities of both hearing impaired and loved ones
  •   Technology advances and where things are headed.

    Doug Lynch at MontCo on March 7

    Doug Lynch at MontCo on March 7

Doug has been involved with Advanced Bionics in many capacities since 1995, when he was implanted with the CLARION 1.0 as part of the company’s first clinical trial.  He joined Advanced Bionics in 1996 and has served in many capacities including Director, Corporate Communications, and currently serves as the Cochlear Implant Consumer Specialist in the Mid Atlantic. He holds seven U.S. Patents in cochlear implant technology, and has passionately educated families about technology and life with cochlear implants for over twenty years.

Doug provided links to a number of useful web sites for hearing rehabilitation:  (Rehab resources)
| (Music rehab) (online community of 30,000 people who care about CI’s and hearing loss) (Online recorded webinars, including rehab and others) (AB’s website listing of all educational resources)

CART transcript is available on request to hlaamcc(at)gmail(dot)com.

At our April meeting, Dr. Jennifer Raneri of Collegeville Speech and Hearing will speak.  Watch here for details of her presentation.

April 4, 2016, 5:30 p.m. at the Jeanes Library.

As always, visitors are welcome.



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