June Meeting – Update

Bill Best spoke about recent developments in Hearing Assistance Technology.  He participated in a recent update program at the national office of HLAA.  The presentation included a number of product samples, and a wide range of supporting literature was available.

The group numbered 19.

His presentation was based in part on the results of on online survey, a Google Fom, prepared for this meeting.  There were 14 responses.

Bill Best Talks Technology

Bill Best Talks Technology

CART transcript available on request to hlaamcc(at)gmail.com  (at => @)

Upcoming Events:

  • National HLAA Convention June 23 – 26 in Washington DC.  Several members will attend.
  • HLAA picnic at Fort Washington State Park, July 17.  Area HLAA members, families, and friends are invited.
  • Walk4Hearing October 9 at the Navy Yard




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