September Meeting – Update

                   Note:  October Meeting Rescheduled to 10/10

After the summer break, chapter meetings resumed on 9/12, the second Monday of the month in September, rather than the first.  And in October, we also will meet on the second Monday, 10/10, because the first Monday falls on Rosh Hashanah this year.

The meeting was in round table format, and covered a wide range of topics:

  • We had special guests Mary Finamore and Jackie Gallagher, and we spent some time in appreciation of Tony Finamore, who was a member of  our group for an all too brief time.
  •  We elected Andy Walker, an accomplished painter, sculptor, photographer and teacher as vice-president.
  • A variety of outreach possibilities were discussed, as well up possible meeting topics, such as:
    •  The third CI provider (we’ve heard from two in the past year)
    •  Captioning services.
    •  A presentation on the biology of aging.
    •  An outing to a local theater with hearing assistance. e.g.  Town and Country Players
    •  Interaction with public services, e.g. with law enforcement if hearing impaired
  •  Other discussion topics included:
    •  The convention in DC; progress and products for hearing loss.
    •  The Yellow Dot program, which can alert emergency personnel that a passenger or driver is in some way disabled.  Details  HERE
    •  The 2016 Walk4Hearing on October 9 at The Navy Yard.  Patty Cortez is leading the MontCo team. Volunteers are needed to help in a variety of ways on that date.
      You can sign up to help HERE

 Note:  October Meeting Rescheduled to 10/10.  

The meeting will be an “ALD Workshop”, a hands-on show-and-tell session on a variety of devices, such as the Pocketalker, ClearSounds Quattro, the Resound Minimike, the Roger Pen, a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver pair, and a variety of FM  and IR systems, even TV-Ears.  Bring your favorite device and show it off.

We’ll also have an update from Diana Bender about programs and activities a the national office of HLAA



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