May Meeting – Biogerontology – Recap

Glenda Bilder spoke about biogerontology,  Dr. Bilder teaches a course on The Biology of

Dr. Bilder

Aging. at Gwynedd Mercy University, and has written a textbook on the topic.  Topics included:

  • Fundamental understanding of why and how we age.
  • What can be done to minimize its effects.
  • The potential of caloric restriction (CR).

Dr. Bilder received a  PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Pennsylvania, and has published widely.  She conducted pharmaceutical research for GlaxoSmithKline, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer and other organizations. .  Her text  “Human Biological Aging:  From Macromolecules to Organ Systems”   John Wiley & Sons  was published in 2016.

The audience

Though not specifically about hearing loss. we are well aware of its association with the aging process.

Our next meeting, on June 5, will feature Tim Elbertson, Community Outreach Coordinator, Montgomery County Department of Public Safety

He will speak about emergency preparedness, including the Smart  911 system.
Further details here closer to the date.

Read the full presentation abstract of Dr. Bilder’s presentation:

Presentation Title:  Concepts, Interventions and Frontiers in Biological Aging

Presentation Abstract:  To highlight the current understanding of biological aging, the presentation, Concepts, Interventions and Frontiers in Biological Aging will cover three main topics.  First, the fundamental concepts that have significantly advanced the field of biogerontology will be explained. These insights provided the solution to why humans age.  With this understanding, aging is now viewed as radically different from all other stages of life (birth to adulthood).  Complementing this knowledge is a wealth of findings from research studies and clinical trials that have convincingly identified effective interventions to minimize aging and delay the onset  of disease.  The second part of the presentation will discuss the proven benefits of these interventions.  Finally, the classic experiment of caloric restriction (CR), the most famous experiment in all of biogerontology will be discussed.  The cellular mechanism of CR has recently been translated into ongoing clinical trials with potential to keep the elderly living longer in the absence of disease.

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