About the Party

Our annual holiday party, postponed once by a storm that never really materialized in our area, seemed  at risk as another storm threatened.  This one too did not cause more than uncertainly about travel.

There are about 18 attendees, and holiday food contributions were appropriate to the season.  There was a demonstration of a prototype automatic speech recognition (ASR) captioning system

HLAA MontCo does not meet in January.

Preliminary topics for the remainder of our year:

February 3, 2020
Nancy Hilger , of Advanced Hearing Systems in Warminster, will speak about recent developments in hearing aid technology

March 2, 2020
Round table discussion

April 6, 2020
Montgomery County Intermediate Unit will report on utilization of our contribution to them.  There will also be a mini-course on American Sign Language (ASL)

May 4, 2020
Kay Tyberg Devices for to use in noisy situations

June 1, 2020


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