March Meeting

Our March 2 meeting included a general discussion of chapter activities and plans.  President Andy Walker conducted an introduction to American Sign Language, as preparation for the visit from the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit later this year.  This was enhanced by a video on basic fingerspelling.

Captioning was a topic of discussion in a variety of ways.  The Google Live Transcribe system was used again, and proved to be at least moderately successful.  The resulting transcript does not separate speakers or topics, and is not easy to read.  A modest amount of editing would improve this, and help would be welcome   The transcript is available on request to hlaamcc(at-sign)

Other topics discussed:

Hearing aid marketing modes and prices.  Some members have used CostCo, with generally satisfactory results.

Noise level in restaurants and other public spaces

HLAA picnic on July 12 at Fort Washington State Park.

April meeting topic TBD, probably focused on assistive technology.

May:  Kay Tyberg will discuss strategy for communication in noisy surroundings.

June:  MontCo Intermediate Unit visit.

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