Looped at Shannondell

Largely at the instigation of MontCo HLA member Claire Fitzgerald, the Performing Arts Theatre at Shannondell at Valley Forge is now equipped with an induction loop system. My wife and I were guests of the Fitzgeralds there last night at a recital by pianist Jeffrey Uhlig and ‘cellist Hai-Ye Ni. It was superb!! Not just the music, but also the ability to hear the comments being made by Mr. Uhlig through the loop system. Hai-Ye Ni is Principal Cellist with the Philadelphia Orchestra. The loop was not used for the music, nor was the speaker system.
Public venues with loop systems are not common in the Philadelphia area, and the Shannondell PAT is for the benefit of the residents. We were there by the gracious invitation of the Fitzgeralds. According to Claire, the Main Line Unitarian Church and the Wayne Presbyterian Church have loop systems. They should be a standard feature of public facilities.

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