May Meeting Recap – CART

As posted here on April 29, the May meeting featured the introduction of CART, and a discussion of web sites of interest to the Hearing Loss community.  There were about 20 attendees. Web sites discussed are listed on a previous post.

The CART system, provided remotely by Archive Reporting,  was flawless. Attendees found it particularly helpful with questions and comments from the floor, picked up by CART but not heard by others.The only difficulty was the need to share the single screen with the CART transcription with the web sites being discussed.

Remote CART uses an internet audio connection, actually an audio call over Skype, to a captioner in an office elsewhere.  The captioning is sent back to the meeting site via a separate internet connection.  The whole process depends on a good internet connection, a good microphone to pick up the voices, and means to display the captioning at the meeting site.


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