Web Sites

Here are a number of web sites that may be of interest to HLAA members:

dangerousdecibels.org/                   About Noise-induced Hearing Loss
www.noisyplanet.nidcd.nih.gov     About Noise-induced Hearing Loss
hlaamcc.org                                       This site!
hlaa-pa.org                                        The state HLAA
hearingloss.org                                 The national HLAA
hearingloop.org                                All about loops
aldlocator.com                                  Locations with hearing assistance
hearinghealthfoundation.org         Funding hearing research.
captionfish.com                                 Captioned movie theater listing
www.lifeprint.com/                           A wealth of sign language information
asl.ms                                                    Fingerspelling practice
signingsavvy.com                               Sign language reference
tecear.com                                            ALD vendor
harriscomm.com                                 ALD vendor
eepurl.com/s3baL                              Sign up for the HLAA-PA newsletter, HearSay
www.nidcd.nih.gov                             NIH -> National Institute on Deafness
www.audiology.org                             American Academy. of Audiology  site
disabilities.temple.edu/programs/assistive/atlend                Temple ALD Library (PIAT)
advancedbionics.com/                         CI manufacturer
medel.com                                              CI manufacturer
www.cochlear.com                               CI manufacturer
www.baha-users-support.com           BAHA – Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid
www.sonitusmedical.com                   Hear through your teeth!
www.oticonusa.com/                            HA manufacturer
www.phonak.com/                                HA manufacturer
agbell.com/                                              Links to a wide variety of sites
www.hihealthinnovations.com/         Aternative route to getting an HA
asha.org/                                                 American Speech Hearing Association
www.hearingplanet.com/                    Hearing Aid reference site
beyondhearingaids.com/                     ALD vendor
soundbytes.com                                     ALD vendor
www.howsyourhearing.org/                Amer. Acad. of Audiology Consumer Site
hearinglosshelp.com                              ALD vendor and reference site

updated 1/8/16

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